Admissions open: Online Application for the year 2020-2021

Dr. R. Peter Perinbaraja




C.S.I. Jayaraj Annapackiam College, an Arts and Science College was started in 1997 at Nallur in the outskirts of Alangulam. The College was named after the philanthropist Mr. Jayaraj Nadar (Proprietor of S.G. Jayaraj Nadar & Co) and his wife Mrs. Annapackaim Jayaraj.

Thanks to the prayerful efforts taken by the C.S.I. Triunelveli Diocesan Trust Association (TDTA), the college has progressed very well and today 464 boys and 894 girls study here and 59 members of staff teach here in the most efficient manner. This has resulted in the production of many University rank holders and top scorers in various subjects year after year.

Prayer Brings Victory and please remember this educational institution which caters to the needs of the poor and the down trodden in your daily prayers. We are lighted to light. Let God’s wish be fulfilled. May God Almighty bless the students and staff of this institution.

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